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Outsourcing archive digitisation

Scanner rent delivers scanners and services to help companies scan their own archive. We also have a central repro in the Netherlands high capacity production scanners, A0 scanners and all other facilities to support the digitisation project. Outsourcing can significantly increase the productivity and quality in a shorter time period. Benefits of outsourcing:
  • » large scanner parc for high productivity
  • » experienced operators
  • » professional project leader
  • » IT infrastructure
  • » DTP and CAD for drawings
  • » OCR

Outsourcing with superior value for money

Our repro facility serves you with great attention to quality, productivity and data structure. We make it happen with help of:
  • » high capacity productionscanners
  • » scalable scanteam for small and large projects
  • » high capacity IT infrastructure

You can outsource the archive digitisation project to us or we can offer you a scanner + operator working for you on location. They act on the following tasks:
  • » structuring and preparing the files
  • » safe treatment of the original material
  • » scan to the right destination
  • » quality control of the digital scans
  • » metadata

Next to scanning you can also contact us for services such as DTP en OCR.


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