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Scanner rent to digitise drawings

Architects, engineers and manufacturers still own major paper archives with analogue drawings. New drawings they create and save in CAD. They digitise analogue drawings adhoc if they need to use or update them . Another reason could be digitisation to save office space.

Scanner rent fits perfectly to this short term requirement for scan capacity. With the Rowe A0 scanner you digitise hundreds of drawings. A digital archive with easy access to all drawings will deliver you many benefits:
  • » digital workflow
  • » quick online access to the drawings
  • » save time in searching
  • » convert to intelligent CAD drawings

CAD service

There are various large format scanners available specifically for technical drawings. Good image quality is a must for precise engineering work. Most customers like to convert the photoscan to CAD. We can also implement CAD conversion with our partner. They have a medium size team of 40 civil, engineers in India working on CAD drawings and 3D.

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