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Configuration of scanners

You have made a windows file structure where the scanners need to scan to. At we hear many requests about the destination of the scans. Some customers have purchased document management software, others like to scan to a cloud storage or just to a network folder. In some cases the client has bought a hard drive and decide about the final destination in a later stage.

Whatever end destination you have in mind for your files, the fastest way is to first scan to a laptop. In this way you do not depend of network speed, network access or internet speed. Therefore we deliver laptops together with the scanners. Nevertheless, we can guide you with scan solutions to configure a solid scan workflow:
  • » configure scan settings like page size, image quality and DPI
  • » configure scan to ….  destinations
  • » structure your scan to destination for a logical efficient workflow
  • » tips are also part of the service

We do not interfere with software development. We focus on scanner rent and can also support you with image processing.

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