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Scanner rent + operator

Who is going to operate the scanner? Scanner Rent also offers you the formula scanner + perator. Depending of the project, but in most cases the job is not so complex. Though, it is a matter of getting the job done with full discipline and focus. Some employees lose their attention or they get disturbed by all kinds of other tasks. This can lead to errors and delay.

Moreover, for a productive day it is important to make scanning facilities ergonomical and easy for the operator. Some operators rather stand. Others sit on a standing support chair, chest chair or working chair.

You can outsource the archive digitisation project to us or we can offer you a scanner + operator working for you on location. They act on the following tasks:
  • » structuring and preparing the files
  • » safe treatment of the original material
  • » scan with care
  • » tracking process
  • » quality control of the digital scans
  • » file structures

Next to scanning you can also contact us for services such as DTP en OCR.


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