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OCR during scanning process

All Canon production scanners offer OCR applications. During scanning your digital documents can be converted to searchable PDF. The production scanners keep high speed, also when you activate this OCR function. You can also make an OCR conversion after the scanning process.

OCR services after scanning

We have setup a partnership with a professional OCR service provider. This medium size firm is specialised in OCR. They have the IT infrastructure in place to convert major archives into OCR texts. Their OCR specialty has a strong effect on creating searchable files for:

  • » office documents
  • » reports
  • » books
  • » newspapers
  • » handwritten texts

We have good experience with digital outsourcing to India. Your digital files can be transferred easily through our cloud storage and the ftp server. The files are converted to your desired format, for example:
  • » OCR to XML
  • » OCR to .doc
  • » OCR to .txt
  • » OCR to .pdf

The main benefits of this OCR service provider in India summarised:
  • » cost savings
  • » excellent IT infrastructuure for high capacity OCR
  • » artificial intelligence programs for excellent OCR performance
  • » professional staff dedicated working on OCR
  • » transparant workflow and quality control due to digital performance monitoring

In other words, contact scanner rent for a scanner. Once the files are digital, we can also support you with DTP, OCR and storage.

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