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Backup of the scans

Our valued customers stay in control and store their files in a save environment. Digitisation projects should include a thorough backup process to prevent this risk. Losing files can lead to great problems:
  • » you might need to scan again
  • » original hardcopy documents might be eliminated
  • » original hardcopy documents might be difficult to search after the scanning process

We recommend to realise speed & file transparency by scanning first to an external hard disc. In this case you don't depend on network speed, internet speed and network access. After the digitisation you can copy the files as a batch to your planned network destination.

It is wise to make a backup from the laptop to the:
  • » external hard drive that we include in the set
  • » NAS system that we can install as extra option

Best practices tips via training

We can support you with best practices tips on smart digitisation when you rent a scanner. Items:
  • » scanner settings
  • » OCR
  • » file structure / metadata
  • » trackingprocess digital and on the analog files (stickers)
  • » backup & storage

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