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DTP services after scanning

Our DTP services can support you to improve the image quality of your scans. Certainly in case you plan to digitise A0 drawings, newspapers or books, the DTP services are important. A few examples of DTP activities:
  • » cut out images
  • » positioning of images
  • » colour correction CMYK
  • » photo quality
  • » editing & corrections
  • » conversion to other file format

DTP is not just an improvement of the visual quality. For handwritten texts, books and newspapers it is also the basis to strenghten the OCR performance. The better the input, the better the output.:
  • » better image quality leads to better OCR and better indexing
  • » better image quality improves the end user experience
  • » better image quality for better print quality

DTP can be done anywhere in the world. We believe in digital outsourcing to India where we know excellent DTP service providers that work again much lower labour cost than in Europe. Don’t outsource just for a lower price. The quality is also very good due to:
  • » time is less expensive so there is more time for good quality
  • » discipline
  • » excellent IT infrastructure and it can connect with our storage
  • » no flex teams but concentrated DTP teams

Of course we arrange quality control and we also have our DTP resources close to our offices. But let’s start at the start and make an appointment to discuss scanner rent.

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