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Scanner rent for book digitisation

Publishers can contact scanner rent also for newspaper digitisation.

We only work with customers who are copyright owner of the newspapers they intend to digitise.

We put the key benefits of newspaper digitisation in a summary:
  • » webshop to sell old photos or articles
  • » digital storage
  • » digital library
  • » digital archive
  • » remove or move the paper archive

There are a number of successfactors you need to consider with newspaper digitisation:
  • » arrange copyright
  • » there are special newspaper scanners with automatic page turn, you don’t find them at
  • » you could think of renting a largeformat scanner for newspaper digitisation
  • » A2 flatbed scanner
  • » DTP is essential if you intend to apply a searchable archive
  • » also have a look at our OCR facility in India

For further information you can leave your details on the contact form.

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