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Scanner rent in India

In India we have a ScannerRent location in Hyderabad. Our scanner rent service in India can deliver you professional scanners but you can also outsource your archive digitisation project to our team. We have rental equipment of top brands such as Kodak and Canon. Increase your productivity with high speed scanners. We deliver you a complete set "ready to scan":
  • » production scanner (80 ppm, A3/A4, OCR, 500 sheets for ADF, colour)
  • » Dell laptop
  • » external hard drive
  • » service (configuration & maintenance)

The top 7 reasons why to select Scanner Rent:

  • 1) no expensive purchase but flexible rent
  • 2) production speed for higher productivity
  • 3) service to ensure your workflow
  • 4) perfect knowledge about digitisation & technical support
  • 5) post scan services like storage, OCR, DTP and CAD
  • 6) repro facilities to outsource your digitisation project
  • 7) good price

3 scanner rent formulas for India

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